The discerning home inspector for all of King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

When experience and expertise matter

For 25 years, Randy has been scaling on top, crawling under, and poking at Puget Sound housing. That's older than your college graduate!

just the facts. . .

Randy's philosophy is simple; inspect to the best of his ability and share his findings clearly in an easy-to-read comprehensive inspection report. If something's broke, he'll tell you it's broke. No trade jargon or incomprehensible checklists or boilerplate.

He works for you!

Randy's income isn't reliant on your transaction closing. That means he's truly an impartial third party. This frees him to do his best work without worrying about repercussions from other folks involved in your home purchase.

The best money you'll ever spend!

How much money will you be spending on real estate fees? Escrow fees? Closing costs?  Lattes!? For less than a pair of authentic Gucci men’s Ace sneakers, you will get information that will afford you peace of mind and perhaps save you tens of thousands of dollars on unanticipated repairs.

Nice things that have been said about Randy's work

The following are unsolicited commendations received over the past few years

"??? and I were very impressed with your report. ??? asked me to pass along his view that you were the best inspector he's come across during 16 years in the building trades. We will definitely recommend you"
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Happy client
"As a very pleased consumer, I am back asking for your professionalism again . . . I would be willing to pay for your travel time as I know you are worth it."
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Another happy client

Thank you Randy! We were so pleased with the quality of your work and grateful for all of your support walking us through the report. We are both feeling really lucky that you are willing to help us again!

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Whaddya know...
"Randy, Thanks for the detailed report. . . This is the best and most detailed report we have ever had. Much Impressed."
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It's unanimous...happy,happy

The best inspection report

Randy uses full sentences, written simply–one of the highest forms of human communication! 

With pictures, you’ve got everything you need to make informed decisions.

Video inspection of your sewer pipe!

  • SAVE TIME.  No need to schedule another company at another time.
  • SAVE MONEY. The additional fee is less than other sewer inspection services because Randy is already mobilized on site.