who's Randy, anyway....

Randy has been inspecting the Seattle area and surrounding counties for 23 years!.  Randy picked up a hammer (it was actually a pneumatic nailer) for the first time at 18 years old. He needed extra money while starting college and got a job in the theater department building sets. He discovered he had a talent for the craft and truly enjoyed building stuff.

Through his early twenties, Randy made a decent living building movie and television sets in Los Angeles. He built real houses, fake houses, and made things blow up and fall apart. He welded, sculpted and painted. He built things that no one had ever built before or will probably ever build again. He also built floats for the world famous New Year’s Day Rose Parade.

During these years, Randy ventured in to the “real” world of construction taking on jobs helping friends with their remodeling work, installing kitchens, building decks, and other things.

He moved to Seattle in 1993 and was married to Meg in 1994. Randy continued working his trade building stuff wherever and whatever would pay the bills. He settled for a few years at a great company called DillonWorks! There he managed the construction and production of all kinds of weird and whacky things for build-outs in malls, casinos, tradeshows, theme parks and the like. Check out some of their cool stuff HERE.

Randy started inspecting homes in 1998 and opened The Complete Inspection Company in 1999. 

At the same time Randy opened the business, he and Meg bought a small ramshackle cottage that was built in 1942. Subsequently, they tore down the entire structure, including the concrete foundation, and built a new cottage–a bit larger and with more modern conveniences like working plumbing and heat.

In 2006, their lives took a dramatic turn when they adopted 4 children—all at once. Victor and Victoria, the twins, are now 20 years old.  Desiree is 19 and Anthony is 16. Things have changed! If you want to learn more about how to adopt children for little to no cost here in Washington State, go HERE.

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